Sri Brahmji Shiksha avm Samaj Kalyan Samiti Narwar Mardah Ghazipur


What We Do

Ek acche kal ki shuriwat

Keeping in view the objectives of achieving and sustaining excellence the council continued to lay grater emphasis on various welfare activities in rural areas. While various welfare activities have been under taken / identify number of publication, background material for use in seminar, conference and training program have also been brought out through the various Committees. The achievements of the Samiti during the consideration were in form of successful implementation handing of the programme 

Our Services

Educational Program

we are providing best Education up to Class 12

Youth Affairs & sports-related program

we time to time perform outdoor activity for all round development 

The vocational training program

we trainee women’s for skill related training program

Environment awareness program

We conduct environment awareness program to aware locals about importance of nature 

Dalit Empowerment program

on thought of equity we provide a platform to dalits where they and empower themselves 

Rural & Agriculture development program

We conduct Rural & Agriculture Program and learn about crops soil fertilizers etc. 

Social Justice & Development program

Social justice program other know about there rights and face social issues 

Women & Child Development program

we are focusing on women & Child  empowerment by proving them skill related training.

Library for Weaker Section

We also provide free Library education to our child’s and prepare them for future ready 

Contribute and give children a bright future 🙂