Sri Brahmji Shiksha avm Samaj Kalyan Samiti Narwar Mardah Ghazipur


Inspiring Rural Students Towards Science & Technology Through Organisation Of Various Scientific Activities Including Vigyan Mela

Due to budgetary reduction, it is now planned to organize 3 days long Vigyan Mela in two Phase for 500 students/participants each. VIGYAN MELA will be conducted in such a way that the maximum time can be utilized in encouraging rural students by means of various day to day scientific activities as mentioned above. In all Five days, a mixed type of activities will be conducted to keep them engaged and motivated towards science and Technology. In three days long Vigyan Mela, it is planned to conduct some of the following various scientific activities in parallel including;

i. Exposure to learning through various scientific activities

ii. Learnt by doing things (hand on experiments)

iii. Physics Experiments

iv. Chemistry Experiments

v. Science training programme

vi. Poster & quiz competitions

vii. Slogan writing, street paly, scientific Act. etc.

viii. Vigyan Yatra (Jathha)

ix. Science behind Miracles

x. Arranged film shows on space and basic science.

xi. Working models that explained science concepts, of solar electricity, water treatment

plant, satellites, space etc.

xii. Water Conservation, Climate Change Mitigation

xiii. Easy and funny Mathematics,

xiv. Agriculture and “biodiversity’.

xv. Scientific interactions/ lectures by eminent scientists/professors.

xvi. Filed visit & Exposure

Contribute and give children a bright future 🙂