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Kate Ramsay

He later kisses Haley and invites her to affix him on tour, which she initially accepts however backs out last minute. He returns to Tree Hill while touring and convinces Haley to join him on tour. Portrayed by Jana Kramer since season seven, Alex Dupre, actual name Alice Whitehead, was initially a recurring character, however vietnam cupid was moved to starring in the fourteenth episode. She is a fallen starlet whom Millicent hires to be the face of Clothes Over Bro’s new line. At first, everybody thinks she is a ditzy and promiscuous woman. She later tries to have Julian produce a film she scripted and butts head with Brooke who sees her as a possible rival for Julian’s consideration.

Brewer stated she had a fantastic time and loved seeing Kate letting her guard down. Lincoln Lewis joined the solid as Kate’s love curiosity Dominic Emmerson, a marine biologist.

Brooke Davis

With no money to pay for Haley’s music masters from the studio, he and Nathan play poker to achieve money. However the 2 become stranded with no money, main Chris to promote his guitar to pay the studio. He later appears while the gang are in Honeygrove rescuing Mouth. Tyler Hilton ready for the role by buying the show’s first season on DVD. In the penultimate episode of season 9, Clay proposes to Quinn in Logan’s tent, arrange in the lounge. In the final episode, Quinn and Clay get married and undertake Logan.

Rick Fox played a mortgage shark named Daunte Jones during season 4. He ran Haley over after Nathan misplaced him money during a Basketball recreation.

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In the fifth episode of the eight season, he breaks up with Alex as a result of she lied to him about a new film project. Alex and Mia then battle over Chase, earlier than it is revealed that due to their choices he not wants to be with either and is as an alternative selecting to be by himself. On Brooke and Julian’s wedding he has “slutty wedding ceremony intercourse” with Mia. He then realizes he desires to be greater than only a bar supervisor at TRIC after having a dialog with Mia the day after the marriage, and turns into a “Big Brother” to Chuck, certainly one of Jamie’s pals. He can be nearer to Chuck and when Chuck’s violent dad returns, Chase beats him with a crowbar to guard Chuck and is arrested, leading to him being discharged from the Air Force. In the season finale, Chase is promoted from bar supervisor to bar proprietor of TRIC. Quinn was the first one to be shot by Katie Ryan when she was heading to mattress.

Jamie is shown to be a good basketball participant and has a powerful friendship with Skills and Mouth. Jamie could be very keen on each Brooke and Julian, serving as greatest man at their wedding ceremony. He has had a really big interest in taking part in baseball, which grew after Julian gave Jamie a glove as soon as worn by Roberto Clemente and he met ace pitching prospect Ian Kellerman. He misses his uncle Lucas greatly and mentions this to his father typically.

Macedon In Alexander’s Absence

Before crossing to Asia, Alexander wished to safeguard his northern borders. In the spring of 335 BC, he superior to suppress a number of revolts.

  • Crossing the river at night time, he surprised them and compelled their army to retreat after the first cavalry skirmish.
  • She later sells the Cafe and goes touring the world along with her boyfriend and later husband, Andy.
  • He returns in the third season when Nathan asks him to assist Haley together with her song writing.
  • Henceforth, Alexander often referred to Zeus-Ammon as his true father, and after his demise, forex depicted him adorned with the Horns of Ammon as a symbol of his divinity.

She was the only member to stay after Haley kicked Jason out and became Peyton’s label’s only artist. After being freaked out by Victoria she came again with the realization that music is about speaking to people not money which wins Peyton over. She then overcame her demons when she played at TRIC in front of Jason and an entire crowd. She was approached by Peyton’s former boss but tricked him into launching her under Peyton’s label.

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He finally left for rehab, leaving the bar in Chase’s arms. In season seven, Owen reappears at an AA assembly and helps Millicent on her street to recovery. After a fist fight at Haley’s Thanksgiving dinner, they watch a video of Chase saying he does not wish to be with both of them. She has “slutty marriage ceremony sex” with Chase at Brooke and Julian’s marriage ceremony, however she later leaves Tree Hill. In season six, it is revealed she is the person who ran Dan over. She kidnaps him and plans to use him as a lure to kidnap Jamie again and body Dan for the whole factor.

Starting from Amphipolis, he travelled east into the nation of the “Independent Thracians”; and at Mount Haemus, the Macedonian army attacked and defeated the Thracian forces manning the heights. The Macedonians marched into the country of the Triballi, and defeated their military close to the Lyginus river . Alexander then marched for three days to the Danube, encountering the Getae tribe on the alternative shore. Crossing the river at night time, he surprised them and forced their army to retreat after the primary cavalry skirmish. Attalus was at the moment corresponding with Demosthenes, regarding the potential of defecting to Athens.

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